Product updates

2021 in review

Coming into 2021 we accelerated the development efforts in TS in order to provide even more instrument support and time-saving features. We’ve also released some great improvements on existing features. We wanted to highlight some of them for you.


FX Options

You can now enter FX Options, both European and American style including accounting support.


We now also support Non-Deliverable Forwards or NDFs including accounting support.

Leasing loans

We now support entering leasing loans with annuities and amortisations including accounting support.

Danish mortgage loans

You can now enter danish mortgage loans including accounting support.


You can now enter Funds including dividends, rebates and buybacks including accounting support.


Deal in commodities such as oil and metals including accounting support. We also support downloading commodity prices from Bloomberg and Refinitiv.


Edit deals

We’ve made several improvements when updating or editing deals that will increase ease-of-use. You can now pre-close, prolong, change terms mid-transaction and do updates on bank accounts, tags and portfolios. We’ve also added the possibility to attach documents to deals to increase transparency of underlying deal information and centralising the document management.

  • Add WHT rate to country register
  • WHT is automatically deducted from interest amounts
  • Full support for accounting of WHT

Four-eye control

You can now choose to activate four-eye control on changes to bank accounts as well as changes to roles & permissions. A brand new view will display all requested changes for another set of eyes to approve or deny. This feature greatly improves your operational security and keeps things locked down and tidy.

Matching with CLSSettlement

Let the Autopilot send all your deals based on rules to the matching service and automatically confirm all matched deals. Everything to be sent and sent for matching are presented in real time on the start page and can be reviewed in the Confirm view. Now with integration to CLSSettlement.


Deal import via Bloomberg FXGO

We are now offering plug-and-play integration to the Bloomberg FXGO trading platform for secure and stable import of executed deals. Once executed in the bank, trades are automatically imported complete with tag mapping and accounting.


Market data import via Bloomberg

We are now offering plug-and-play integration to the Bloomberg market data feed API for secure and stable import of market data. Easily map all your related BBGID’s in TS and the Autopilot will automatically fetch the data on a schedule of your choice.

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