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Product updates

Q2 2022

Summer is upon us and before we enjoy some well-deserved holiday time we want to introduce and highlight some of the latest updates coming in TS to you.

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Tag Rules

With the new Tag Rules you will gain increased control over how and when tags are applied. You can set mandatory tags and also limit the amount of tag options depending on which instrument or portfolio you are entering. This means that only the tags that are relevant for each instrument is displayed and minimises the risk of human error.
Using selection criteria based on Deal Type, Deal Template or Portfolio gives you granular control and makes sure that the right tag(s) is applied every time.
In addition we’ve also made improvements to Portfolio setup where you now can limit what instruments can be entered into which portfolio.

Subsidiary request improvements

We have made some significant improvements to Subsidiary Requests where you can now limit request per legal entity ensuring that your subsidiary only can make requests from their own entity.
We can now also do automatic pricing of the subsidiary requests in batch. Either from a fixed rate or market data tables including spreads.
In addition we can now also upload trades from TS to 360T and we plan to support more trading platforms later in 2022.
  • Limitation per legal entity
  • Automatic pricing of requests incl. spreads
  • Upload request to trading station (360T)


We are introducing highly requested improvements to the Payments engine in TS. We are happy to introduce Payment feedback natively in TS. You will now get feedback displayed on the Payments widget if a payment is overdue or has failed. In the “All Payments” view you can get detailed feedback messages so you can take the appropriate action to make sure your payments are executed. We have also added more information to the “All Payments” view including Global ID and more SSI information for easier troubleshooting and control.

We are also adding support for intra-day statements (camt.052) which means that you can now reconcile your daily payments directly in TS without logging in to your bank portals.

  • Paymend feedback natively in TS
  • Improvements to “All Payments” view
  • Intra-day statements support incl. reconciliation

Cash Pool Assets / Liabilities

We have updated the way we setup automatic booking of cash pool assets and liabilities. We now automatically creates shadow account in the treasury company for all cash pool accounts. It is very easy to add accounting of cash pool assets and liabilities in your month-end routine for unrealised accounting. It can also be reconciled in reports by including shadow accounts.


Distribution Reports

We are introducing the possibility to add charts and graphs to Distribution Reports. These reports are not only useful for confirmation letters, payments reminders etc. but can be utilised for a wide range of cases. For example creating treasury management reports to be scheduled to a specific person or group inbox.

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