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Product updates

Q3 2022

We have been hard at work during the summer months releasing some exciting new features as well as some great improvements on existing features in TS. We wanted to highlight a few of them to you.

We encourage you to sign up for the Product Release webinar where we will demonstrate these new features live.



Deal suggestions

What if TS could suggest FX deals that you should make in order to comply with your treasury policy based on your current exposures?
You can now setup multiple criteria for when TS should suggest FX deals for you to execute. It could be based on a hedging policy or maybe you want to automate routine low value deals. Whatever the use case this can free up a lot of time spent in the day-to-day FX management and minimising the risk of human errors.
As a sweetener we can also automatically upload the suggested deals to 360T for execution, enabling a full automatic flow of suggested deals. We are working on providing support for FXall and more trading stations in the coming months.

Bonds 2.0

We have been hard at work on refactoring and improving the Bond experience to make it it more efficient and intuitive. Not only will it give you a better overview of different transactions but it is now also possible to add fees to each bond deal. These improvements also make it easier to make changes to bond deals.
The major change related to deal entry is that you first need to enter the Bond definition or “paper” before entering deals in that Bond. We will share more details on this during the webinar.
  • Better overview of transactions in bond deals
  • Add fees to each bond deal
  • New permissions for bond definitions


Deal upload

We are happy to introduce the possibility to upload internal FX requests to 360T for execution of the external deal and for pricing of the internal deal. With the new “Upload request rules” you can decide precisely which deals should be uploaded.

There is a new activity available in the Autopilot allowing you to schedule the upload process at your convenience. This feature also bring a couple of new reporting columns “Upload deal status” and “Request status” that signals if they will be sent automatically and if they have been sent to the trading station.

We are starting with support for 360T and will add more trading platforms in the coming months.



Activities dashboard

We are very happy to introduce a new dashboard on the startpage for monitoring Autopilot activities. You can easily select groups of activities to monitor in the dashboard featuring a real time follow up with traffic light style warnings as well as a clear message on the status of the activity. This increases transparency over the Autopilot activities and makes sure that you can take action should any activity fail or be delayed.

Accounting in Reports

All accounting information can now be extracted in Reports. It works the same way as any other report and we have introduced a new report type – Accounting report. It add more flexibility to sort and add information regarding Counterparty and all configured dimensions. It is also possible to do a quick export to excel to get a clean Excel file to facilitate easier reconciliation with your ERP-system.

Report columns available:

  • Global ID
  • Deal ID
  • Account (general ledger)
  • Original amount
  • Accounting amount
  • FX rate accounting booking rate
  • Dimensions (counterparty &  dimension)
  • Coding text (amount type)
  • Accounting Status
  • Debit / Credit
  • Event time & reversal (Realised, Unrealised, Reversal)
  • Due date (payment date, maturity date month end date), accounting date.
  • Accounting currency
  • Legal entity
  • Report date
  • Period (start date & end date for report)
  • Deal Type (Accounting Program)

FX Risk scenarios

Introducing the possibility to add FX Risk scenarios that can easily be applied in reports. Start by adding a couple of scenarios by giving them a name and a color. Then define what percentage level shift in you expect for each scenario. Once in the report TS will display the Net and Absolute risk per currency based on the defined risk scenario and also the corresponding color in the report to improve visibility.

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