We are very excited to announce that Fingrid Oyj has picked Treasury Systems as their new supplier of TMS solutions for treasury and cash management operations.
From Fingrid’s website:
“Fingrid is a Finnish public limited liability company responsible for the electricity transmission in the high-voltage transmission system in Finland. Fingrid’s nationwide grid is an integral part of the power system in Finland. The transmission grid is the high-voltage trunk network which covers the entire Finland. Major power plants, industrial plants and regional electricity distribution networks are connected to the grid.
The Finnish power system is part of the inter-Nordic power system. The inter-Nordic system is connected to the system in Continental Europe by means of high-voltage direct current transmission links. Moreover, there are high-voltage direct current links from Finland to Russia and Estonia.
The transmission system in Finland encompasses over 14,000 kilometres of 400, 220 and 110 kilovolt transmission lines plus more than 100 substations.
Fingrid is responsible for planning and monitoring the operation of the Finnish electricity transmission system and for maintaining and developing the system. The company is also to contribute to the work of ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, to the preparation of European electricity market and system operation codes, and to European network planning.
Fingrid provides its contractual customers, in other words electricity producers, network companies and industrial enterprises, with system, cross-border transmission and balance services. Fingrid serves the electricity market by attending to adequate electricity transmission capacity, by removing transmission restrictions between countries, and by proving information on the electricity market.”
Learn more at fingrid.fi
We look forward to modernizing treasury operations together with Fingrid and help them increase operational efficiency and make data-driven decisions from on our next generation TMS.

Erik Åkerlund,

Head of Sales
Treasury Systems